Do you know the 4Ocean Bracelets project? What…

Do you know the 4Ocean Bracelets project? What do you think about it? Is it worth donating to or there are better and more efficient projects?

4Ocean is one very pretty project whose founders have found an original way to spread awareness on the very serious matter of marine plastic pollution. While I have heard of them and I think they came up with a good idea when they thought of those bracelets, I don’t know them well enough to be able to tell if they are serious about what they do.

I would dare say that our power to clean the seas can go beyond projects like this though.

Awareness plays a big role in this, so you might want to support NGOs who often bring up the topic. We need to bring up the topic as much as we can. Once people see what’s happening underwater and the effects it might have even on them (not just on animals!), there is usually a reaction and some might try to change their lifestyle a little.

We can make a difference even as individuals, if we happen to live close to the sea or spend our holidays there, we could spend some of our time picking up plastic debris from the beach.

But even if you are nowhere near the sea you could still have an impact on it, for instance, by choosing supermarkets that have reduced the use of plastic.  

There are many ways we can help clean the sea, even by bringing small changes into our daily lives (you might also be interested in this post from a while ago).

To sum it all up, yes, by buying those bracelets you are probably doing something good (especially if you tell other people about the story that’s behind the bracelet), but always keep in mind how much power you have over this particular matter. You can do a lot, even on your own.

I hope this was helpful and please make sure you let me know if you find out anything new about the project 😉