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Russian Orcas on Facebook

“We would like to introduce you killer whales Babushka and her son Vasya The Young.

Female orca Babushka (which means «Grandma» in Russian) was named like this because she was once sleepy chilling while other orcas were socialising. She is clearly recognisable by her eyepatch. Vasya the Young was a teenager the size of his mother in 2005. A year after it became clear that he is going to be a huge boy. Besides Vasya, Babushka had two calves in 2005 and 2011, but unfortunately they died in first two years of their life. 

In August 2017 we a had a lovely encounter with a big aggregation of killer whales. Everyone was busy enough: playing, socialising, sleeping, hunting on fish. Suddenly two very familiar killer whales came across the boat: Babushka and her son. But there was still someone else near Babushka – one very small calf! So Vasya the Young became an elder brother.
This summer we hope to see all three of them again!”