Gisborne surfer reveals orca dragged him out t…

Gisborne surfer reveals orca dragged him out to sea:


“But wild orcas are perfect angels who would Never pose a threat to another human Ever.” – says the chorus of detractors who thinks it’s abnormal for an apex predator in human care that’s interacted with at close proximity to kill someone.

To be fair, this probably wasn’t really an “attack” as some people are trying to portray it. He wasn’t injured and saying he was “dragged out to sea” is a stretch. It sounds more like the whale got interested in the surfboard and then the surfer himself.

None of us were there, though, so it’s hard to interpret the animal’s behavior based on a single description from a frightened person (reminiscent of the guy in Sitka, AK who thought he was going to be killed after a killer whale got caught in his anchor line).

Like with any predator (or large animal, really), interacting with a killer whale will always pose a risk, though it is a very small one. Personally, I’d be more wary of interacting with humpbacks considering they’ve harmed more people than killer whales!