Underwater cameras can give us insight on beha…

Underwater cameras can give us insight on behaviors we would rarely (or never!) get to observe otherwise. 

In this video, a humpback whale calf on the breeding grounds in Madagascar is carrying a CATS cam, a non-invasive suction cup camera. The footage shows that the whales grow up in a very acoustically rich environment (listen to all of the background noise!). Additionally, the camera captured a rarely seen behavior: suckling! This is the first time this behavior has been seen from a calf’s point of view. 

Studying the behavior of cetaceans in their natural habitat is extremely difficult. Most of their lives are spent below the surface and and because we are terrestrial mammals, we can’t easily watch what they are doing. These non-invasive suction cup tags can let us observe natural behaviors without interfering with the whales. I would very much like to see these types of cameras deployed on other social species of marine mammals, like killer whales.